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This is our complete guide on how to plan your Brac island wedding in 2025. We invite you to discover the island of Brac, your perfect wedding destination in Croatia. We have placed together few of our favorite wedding planning resources and tips to ensure a smooth Brac wedding planning.   

Numerous beaches, sea breeze, olive trees, bare feet, delicious cuisine – if you have been dreaming of an island wedding, you’re in the right place to find out how to organize your dream island wedding ceremony.  

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The island of Brac is the perfect choice for tying the knot in this part of the Adriatic. Whether you would like to have a relaxed island wedding or like to evoke a feeling of an authentic Mediterranean lifestyle, the island of Brac will leave you impressed.  

It is a chic island oasis with a beautiful blend of old, ancient times and longtime traditions, along with the perks of a modern lifestyle. Moreover, the island of Brac is an ideal place for couples looking to combine their wedding ceremony with a fabulous honeymoon. The island is the third largest island on the Adriatic and the largest one in this part of Croatia. Easily accessible yet ideally positioned away from the stress that everyday life brings, this green oasis will mesmerize you. 

Chic Croatia wedding planners will design, plan and coordinate your Brac island destination wedding, so you can fully relax and enjoy your most special day. We have put together a guide to the top Brac island venues, attractions, and recommendations. 

Furthermore, we hope that this Brac wedding guide will make your wedding planning a little bit easier. We invite you to keep reading to find out more about wedding planning on the island of Brac.

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Table of contents:


Ferry ports and other transportation options


If you love sunshine, long days and warmer weather,  Brac is the perfect place for your destination wedding


From beach ceremony venues to romantic castles..


There’s  so much to do and see during your wedding week on the island of Brac


Wedding ceremonies among olive groves


Sweet liquors, homemade cheese, tasty figs…


A wealth of cultural and historical treasures


Check out the best events on the island

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It is very easy to reach as it takes less than an hour by ferry to reach it. The island of Brac is very close to the mainland, positioned right across the city of Split. The journey from the city of Split to Supetar on the island of Brac takes an hour. Besides the port of Supetar, there is also the Sumartin ferry port, located in the east part of the island. Check out the current ferry timetable here. The island has its airport, Airport Brac, known as the youngest commercial airport in Croatia.

The city of Split, positioned in central Dalmatia, is easily accessible and connected to many international cities with numerous direct flights from early springtime to late autumn. For a list of available flights, visit the Split Airport website.


May, June, and September often rank among the popular months to get married in Croatia. 

In late springtime or early autumn, it is not too crowded, with mild to warm temperatures and plenty of sunshine. Usually, the summer months of July and August are the busiest. Make sure to plan to increase your wedding budget if a summer wedding is your choice. However, the weather is (usually) more reliable during the summer months even though we all know that controlling the weather is impossible. It is the one thing you cannot control on your wedding day. 

Moreover, when deciding on the date, make sure to consider several factors: take a look at the dates that are important to you as a couple; definitely consider weather predictions, and always have a backup venue in case of bad weather conditions. 

But most importantly, regardless of the date, season or even weather, any date you choose is your day, a day that we will celebrate your love and marriage. 

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Finding the perfect wedding venue is one of the most important aspects of your wedding. There are many beautiful wedding venues on the island of Brac that should be considered when planning a wedding on the island of Brac. From scenic vineyards and olive groves to romantic stone houses and traditional restaurants with amazing views and great cuisine, the island of Brac offers some of the most incredible venues for your Mediterranean wedding.  

We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite wedding venues on the island of Brac:

Kastil Gospodnetic in Dol: history & art

If you’re looking to experience a true Brac island vibe, then the Kastil Gospodnetic castle is the wedding venue you’re looking for. Located in a small village Dol, this authentic restaurant is positioned at the castle built 400 years ago. It is a place of true charm and simplicity. Magnificent views, fantastic traditional cuisine, and great wine that the family Gospodnetic has been producing for generations. find out more about it at the following link.

kastil wedding brac

kastil restaurant dol wedding


Dominican monastery garden in Bol: lush trees and splendid views

Plan your timelessly romantic wedding ceremony at this lush garden in the city of Bol. This magnificent venue that will leave you breathless. Planned for renovation in 2o23. 

dominican monastery in bol

◆ Kala restaurant: Michelin rated cuisine and unique experience

kala restaurant brac

kala wedding brac

◆ Brac Villa wedding: views and terraces

We have a selection of the very best villas on the island that are suitable for a wedding, intimate celebration, or birthday party. You will enjoy the breathtaking views of the Adriatic, and relax at small, intimate terraces. Perfect for both wedding celebrations as well as day-before and day-after events.  

brac villa wedding

brac villa wedding

◆ Zlatni rat beach ceremony 

Zlatni rat pebbly beach is one of the most popular ceremony venues on the island of Brac. This popular wedding hotspot is known as one of the most unique beaches in the world. Chic Croatia will assist you in planning and coordinating intimate custom beach weddings on the most popular beach on the Adriatic. It is the perfect option for couples that would like to exchange vows in front of a colorful sunset with the sounds of the waves.

golden horn wedding brac

golden horn wedding brac

◆ Vidova gora mountain top

Top of the Vidova gora is the highest peak on the island of Brac. This is a must-visit spot on the island of Brac. In addition,  this breathtaking top makes an ideal space for organizing a wedding ceremony.

◆ Romantic churches and chapels

Nothing says romance wedding venue more than picking a romantic, historical church or a church garden for your wedding ceremony. Please keep in mind that catholic weddings usually do not allow outside venues, with few exceptions.

island brac wedding couple

Storija restaurant in Supetar: olive trees and fantastic views

Romance is in the air at this beautiful Brac wedding venue. We’re obsessed with this venue’s terrace, olive trees, and stunning views overlooking the sea. This venue is an ideal setting for your romantic Brac wedding. 

storija brac wedding

brac island wedding storija

Puteus Palace hotel in Pucisca: style and elegance

This stylish and elegant hotel positioned in Pucisca is a perfect choice for couples looking for chic wedding celebrations.

Puteus Palace hotel in Pucisca

Cava Brač: mesmerizing views

This unique venue is a perfect solution for those looking for privacy and magnificent views. Out-of-this-world views overlooking the city of Split and surrounding bays.   

cava restaurant in brac 

◆ Ribarska kućica in Bol: seafront restaurant with breathtaking views

This intimate seaside restaurant offers fresh, tasty Adriatic specialties. The wedding ceremony can take place at the nearby beach, positioned next to the restaurant.

ribarska kucica wedding venue

brac croatia beach wedding

◆ Non Ban restaurant in Gornji Humac: style and lush gardens

Get married under the tree lights and celebrate the night at one of the most beautiful restaurants in the southeast part of the island of Brac. Stylish and chic. Local cuisine with fine wines is the restaurant’s specialty. 

Nono Ban restaurant on the island of Brac 

nono ban brac wedding

nono ban wedding

Mali raj restaurant (Little heaven): where romance meets garden party

This green olive tree oasis is a perfect venue for medium to large size parties, ideally positioned near the famous Zlatni rat beach in Bol, Croatia. The olive garden makes a perfect setting for your Brac wedding. 

mali raj restaurant in bol 

◆ Konoba Tomic in Gornji Humac: 800 years old tradition with delicious cuisine

One of our favorite restaurants is truly a gourmet oasis. Nestled in the less-known village Gornji Humac, this 800-year-old konoba is full of charm and character. It is a place where history meets art. The owners follow the ‘from farm to table movement’ and produce their vegetables and specialties. This venue is only available for day before/day after gatherings not for wedding celebration.

Tomic restaurant in Gornji Humac


Tomic restaurant in Gornji Humac

◆ secluded beaches and bays

brac island wedding

For a full list of Brac wedding venues and recommendations by Chic Croatia wedding planners, contact us today for your free consultation and detailed event proposal.

There’s something special about a summer island wedding that feels so romantic, relaxed, and special. Host the destination wedding of your dreams at one of these Brac island venues; whatever you and your partner decide on, it’s bound to be unforgettable.



 Whether you’re seeking an island getaway, romantic oasis, or adventurous vacation, the island of Brac is one of the best travel destinations in Croatia. Secluded beaches, beautiful nature with endless vineyards and olive groves, small fishermen’s villages, and magnificent sunsets: perfect for those looking to experience an authentic Croatian lifestyle. In addition, is is Croatia’s largest island which is positioned in the heart of Dalmatia and is closest to the Split mainland.

Here are Chic Croatia’s favorite Brac island attractions and main activities to choose from. 

◆ Zlatni rat beach

The most popular beach on the Adriatic is located in Bol, on the south slopes of the island of Brac. Perfect for windsurfers and water sports, Zlatni rat beach is one of the most known attractions on the island. 

 Vidova gora

It is not only the highest peak on the island of Brac, but also of all islands in Croatia. Breathe in the untouched nature of the island as well as the fantastic views of Croatia’s spectacular coastline as you climb the top.

◆ Pustinja Blaca

The amazing monastery of the Pustinja Blaca is a –must-see attraction you should not miss. Plan a day out to explore this unique monastery dating back to the 16th century.

◆ Stonemasonry school in Pucisca

One of the truly remarkable attractions is the famous Stonemasonry school in Pucisca. It has a long tradition of stone production and sculpting. Brac stone is famous worldwide and it is believed that it was used in decorating the White House in Washington. During your Brac visit, make sure to visit the famous Stonemasonry School Pucisca where many impressive stone arts are exhibited and presented. In addition, make sure to purchase one of the unique Brac souvenirs, such as Brac stone flowers or unique stone jewelry.

◆ Beach hopping

Many incredible beaches waiting to be discovered are located on the island. Many of them are no longer a secret, but still well worth a visit. Let us mention only few of the most beautiful beaches on the island: the famous Zlatni rat beach, Sumartin beaches, Lovrecina beach, Povlja region beaches, Postira beach, Milna pebbly beaches…

beach on the island of brac

◆ Get active

Explore numerous Brac hiking trails, such as from Bol to Vidova Gora and Murvica to Dragon’s Cave. We must mention the Via Brattia 35 km long circular walking and tourist trail connecting 12 historical sites on the island. There are many other activities to choose from: sea kayaking, scuba diving, bicycling, and others. 

lovrecina brac island


The olive tree has been associated with the island of Brac for centuries. As you drive around the island, you will see endless olive tree groves spreading across the island. There is a long tradition of growing olives and producing olive oil on the island so do not miss this unique opportunity to taste some of Croatia’s best olive oils. In addition, Brac is known for it fine wines, tasty and sweet figs, lemons, and oranges.  

Moreover, make sure to visit the Olive oil Museum in Skrip established in 1864 where you will find out more about the tradition of olive oil production in this area. Furthermore, the island of Brac is the home of the World Olive Harvest Championship in Postira, which every year attracts many visitors and guests. We invite you to join us for this year’s olive harvesting – we are certain you will enjoy this fun activity. 

brac olive


The island is known for its fantastic olive oils, wine, fresh skuta (local cheese from the island of Brac) with honey and sugar, as well as local lamb, the popular peka dish. The Brac lamb is mainly prepared either on a spit or roasted with vegetables or potatoes.

Furthermore, do not miss to try local spirits of Brac: homemade lemon, mint, or carob grappa, chilled, on ice. Local grappa pairs perfectly with dry figs, almonds, or walnuts. Local desserts to indulge: Hrapocusa or Dol cake, rožata, arancini, or pršurate/fritters.  

Let us know if you decide to incorporate local cuisine into your wedding menu. Find out more about local specialties here. 

peka in kastil, dol restaurant

hrapacusa cake dol


Take the road less traveled and explore the hidden bays and caves of the island of Brac. There are many interesting caves, such as Dragon cave near Murvice or cave Kopacina near Donji Humac. Once you’re there, make sure to stop by the local restaurant Kopacina, one of the island’s most authentic restaurants.

Moreover, the island of Brac abounds with a rich cultural and religious heritage. Apart from 116 large and small churches on the island, you will also see numerous small chapels and historical buildings. In addition, Sumartin has long shipbuilding and fishing tradition where you can find the oldest shipyard on the Adriatic.


Chic Croatia invites you to check out the best events on the island planned in 2024. There are many special occasions and events that take place every summer. We will mention only a few: Hrapocusa night, honoring special Dol cake; Mutne kale art exhibition in Mirca; Feast of st Ana; Summer in Selca program, Bol summer festival, and many others. As soon as we get more information and confirmed dates for 2024 celebrations, we will share them.

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For more information about the island of Brac wedding venues, a detailed wedding planning proposal, or a quick chat, contact us today. Chic Croatia wedding planners will design, plan and coordinate your Brac wedding, providing 24/7 support, advice, and guidance.

We will coordinate all the aspects of your wedding: from legal assistance, venue selection, supplier sourcing, cuisine, and wines to travel and accommodation arrangements. Chic Croatia takes out the stress of planning a wedding so you can relax with your loved ones and have a day to remember for a lifetime.

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