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How to plan your wedding step by step

To begin, Chic Croatia team will get to know you as a couple. We will walk you through the wedding planning process: from budgeting, selecting vendors, contracting, to your wedding day celebration. It is our goal to break down your event celebration into smaller tasks and steps, in order to cover every single aspect of wedding planning. Creating a smooth, memorable wedding celebration is our ultimate goal.

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Defining your wedding vision

Defining your wedding vision is the initial step in the wedding planning process. Take some time and think of the following aspects: size of the wedding party, destination, design ideas and wishes, your unique style, color palette you are fond of. During this process, we will get to know you, share ideas and recommendations, but most importantly, we would love to hear about everything that is important to you,

Finding your dream venue

Next step is to define your wedding destination venue and to confirm the season/date. We will discuss different venues and share several options – until you select the one. The IT venue is the one that feels authentic and right to you two as a couple.

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Step by step guideline

We will create a solid, detailed action plan that includes all the points; from begin ones to small ones. Everything will be taken into consideration. Chic Croatia will carefully analyze, plan and coordinate all wedding planning steps. We will double check. And triple check all the details. We will guide you on timelines and checklists - open communication is crucial.

Let's celebrate

Chic Croatia will support and guide you throughout the wedding planning process leading to the big day, promising to execute a wedding vision you have always dreamed of.

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