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how to choose your dream Croatia wedding location

Find the most unique and breathtaking Croatia wedding venues. The Chic Croatia planner will design, plan and coordinate your most special day, and assist you in finding your dream Croatia wedding venue. We have carefully selected the best 2024 ceremony and celebration venues in Croatia, with special attention on Central Dalmatia, including the area of Split and the islands such as Brac, Hvar.

With so many breathtaking wedding venues in Croatia, how to choose the one that’s for you? Selecting your dream Croatia wedding venue is one of the most important wedding planning decisions you will make when planning a wedding. So, how do you choose a location and a venue that fits your expectations and vision? Try to do as much research as possible. In addition, consult with your wedding planner and take your wedding planner’s suggestions and insights into consideration.  

 Choose your wedding location 

To begin, choose your wedding location, or, pick a few that you like the most. Also, make sure to consider the expected number of guests as every wedding venue has limitations in terms of the number of guests that can be accommodated. Set your budget. Last, but not least, decide if you would like to have both the ceremony and a celebration in one place, or if you have another venue in mind for your ceremony. However, please keep in mind that your budget may affect this decision. Chic Croatia will propose the best solutions and venues to match your preferences and budget.  

Ask questions

Chic Croatia advice: ask as many questions as possible, especially regarding deposits, bad weather scenarios, and any other important wedding elements. Also, check out our advice and tips blog that will help your wedding planning in Croatia. Selecting your wedding venue is one of the most important aspects of planning your wedding. Take your time as this is something that you should carefully think about. Choosing your dream wedding venue is one of the biggest decisions you will have to make – think it through and take your time. With so many beautiful wedding venues in Croatia, choosing where to say ‘I do’ in beautiful Croatia is not an easy decision.

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7 things to consider when choosing a venue

Top Croatia wedding venues in Central Dalmatia

 Chic Croatia tips and recommendations 


Also, make sure to check out our Croatian wedding planning guide with tips and recommendations for planning a memorable destination wedding in Croatia.

7 things to consider when choosing your Croatia wedding venue

Here are all the tips you need to consider to choose a wedding venue you will love.

– Talk to your wedding planner

Try to get as much input from your wedding planner. Local planners’ inputs can save you time and money so make sure to get as much information as possible.

– Decide on a general location/destination

Picking your wedding location is necessary before selecting your wedding venue. Consider all other elements, such as; distance, flight schedule, leisure activities in a destination, and accommodation options….

– Define your style and vision

Defining your wedding vision is one of the most important steps in wedding planning. Do you have it confirmed? Choose a venue that fits your vision and theme – everything gets easier after that part!

– Know your budget 

Explore different options. Get pricing and other relevant info. Take a few venues into consideration and compare. Furthermore, take your time and re-evaluate the process.

– Discuss the venue’s capacity and other relevant info

Every wedding venue has a capacity for a different setting – make sure you have information on how many guests can be seated for your preferred seating style. Also, is there a backup secured in case of a bad weather scenario? Is there a curfew? Are there any other limitations you should be aware of? Make sure you get answers to all your questions as you do not want any surprises near the wedding date.

– Discuss catering options 

Who is the site’s preferred caterer? Are there any limitations? Can you bring a caterer of your choice? Ask questions. 

– Plan a site inspection 

Images and videos from past weddings at your preferred wedding venue can help you visualize your special day, however, we always recommend planning a site inspection. You will be able to get a feel for the venue, which cannot be done online. A live site inspection can make a big difference – if circumstances allow you, try to plan your visit to the destination.

wedding in croatia

 Top wedding venues in Central Dalmatia

Finding your perfect Croatia wedding venue is not an easy task. As mentioned above, there are many details you should take into consideration when selecting your preferred wedding venue. With many different wedding venues available, picking your dream wedding venue is surely a challenging task to have. There are so many different and chic options to choose from – whether you’re looking for a sea view terrace, an olive garden, an elegant castle, or a mountain top. It all comes down to your personal preferences, budget and wishes. 

To continue, Chic Croatia has rounded up our favorite Croatia wedding venues in Central Dalmatia, including ceremony and reception venues.

Wedding venue: Sustipan Park

Why we ♡ it

Views. This unique and memorable ceremony wedding venue is all about views. Positioned near the city’s center, this memorable wedding venue is one of the most unique sites for your civil or symbolic wedding.

Location: Split, Croatia

sustipan wedding in split

Wedding venue: Vila Dalmacija

Why we ♡ it

Romantic and chic vibe. This magnificent villa, situated on its own pristine beach, is one of the ultimate wedding venues in this part of Europe. Featuring beautiful terraces, magnificent views, and unique furniture, this romantic venue is one of the most magnificent croatia wedding venues.

Location: Split, Croatia

villa dalmacija split

Wedding venue: Klis fortress

Why we  it 

We love its fascinating history and vintage feel. This glorious and splendid fortress, positioned in the small city of Klis, near Dalmatia’s capital Split, is one of the most unique and historical monuments in the region. The Klis fortress provides a perfect rustic setting for a small to mid-size wedding ceremony, overlooking the city’s lights, in a unique and historical setting.

Location: Klis near Split, Croatia

Klis wedding croatia

Wedding venue: Mestrovic gallery

Why we  it 

Beautiful lush gardens, an arty vibe, and scenic views. Perhaps one of the most luxurious wedding venues in the region, with out-of-this-world details, is one of the most sought-after venues in Croatia. The magnificent Mestrovic gallery is located under the Marjan hill, overlooking the chic Croatian islands and crystal clear Adriatic Sea. Say your vows at this beautiful green garden, followed by a gala dinner outside, under the twinkling light of the stars.

Location: Split, Croatia

Mestrovic gallery wedding venue


Wedding venue: Brown beach house

Why we  it 

Luxury vibe & unique setting. This luxury boutique hotel is one of the most special wedding venues in Croatia. Overlooking the charming city of Trogir, this Mediterranean-inspired design hotel with attention to detail will impress you with a personalized customer experience and carefully designed wedding celebrations.

Location: Trogir, Croatia, near the city of Split

brown beach house trogir

Wedding venue: Kalada etno selo

Why we ♡ it

Superb views and unique position.  Located on a beautiful hill overlooking the sea, couples at this magnificent property are treated with privacy and magnificent views. The vKalada etno selo is a charming wedding venue with a rustic vibe, offering privacy and one-of-a-kind views.

Location: near Trogir, Croatia

 kalada split wedding venue

Wedding venue: hidden beaches and bays 

Why we  it 

Island of Brac and other Croatian islands offers numerous hidden spots to plan your dream come true wedding ceremony. Contact us today to start planning your intimate and private wedding ceremony. 

Location: Brac island, Croatia

weddings brac

brac island wedding

Wedding venue: Zlatni rat beach

Why we ♡ it 

We love this unique beach setting at one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe. We can’t imagine a dreamer place for your romantic exchange of vows. Say I do with the colorful backdrop of sunset and sound waves.

Location: Bol, Brac island, Croatia

Wedding venue: Martinis Marchi heritage hotel

Why we ♡ it 

This private 18th-century castle is one of the most special wedding venues on the coast. This magnificent wedding setting full of charm is one of the chick-est on the Adriatic, offering a unique setting for both your ceremony and dinner reception. Just a few steps from the beach, the Martinis Marti hotel has a seaside restaurant and a marina within its property.

Location: Solta island, Croatia

martinis marchi wedding

croatia wedding couple on the solta island

church wedding in croatia

Wedding venue: Beach club Hvar

Why we  it 

What to expect? Luxury and style. Previously known as Bonj les boins, dating back to 1927, the Beach club Hvar is one of the most luxurious and stylish Croatia wedding venues on the Adriatic coast. This remarkable Croatia wedding venue is a perfect choice for both your wedding ceremony and reception. The island’s hotspot is ideally positioned facing the sea with pine trees in the back.

Location: Hvar island, Croatia

hvar wedding

Wedding venue: Hotel Park

Why we  it 

What to expect? Style and city vibe. Located in the heart of Hvar, this intimate hotel is one of the most popular wedding venues on the island. Great views overlooking the old town, innovative cuisine and so much more –  reach out to us to find out more about this amazing property. It is a perfect choice for mid-sized parties and celebrations.

Location: Hvar island, Croatia

hvar wedding hotel

Wedding venue: Fort George

Why we ♡ it 

Impressive & historical. The famous Fort George fortress was built by the British Royal Navy in the 19th century. It was named after the British king, King George III. This unique setting, overlooking the bay of Vis and open seas, offers luxury and stylish ambiance for your wedding in Croatia.

Location: Vis island, Croatia

vis wedding

fort george wedding

Wedding venue: Kastil Slanica

Why we ♡ it 

Unusual and unique setting by the river Cetina. Located in the heart of Cetina canyon, this romantic venue is a perfect option for mid-sized to large wedding parties. Beautiful lush greenery & traditional food.

Location: near Omis, Split region

kastil slanica wedding

Wedding venue: private villa terrace

Why we ♡ it 

Chic Croatia will assist you in finding the perfect villa for your romantic celebration. There are many unique and breathtaking villa properties: from seafront villas to countryside houses, all offering magnificent views and exceptional experiences. We offer a range of stunning wedding villas in beautiful locations.

croatia villa wedding

Wedding venue: intimate church or chapel

Why we ♡ it 

Timeless. Romance. History and heritage.

Croatia is home to some of the most beautiful churches and chapels. We love planning religious ceremonies and incorporating your faith into your wedding day.

brac church wedding

Chic Croatia tips and recommendations

– Keep in mind that venue selection is an integral part of wedding planning. Your Croatia wedding venue plays a crucial role in setting your overall wedding vibe. It can make a big difference. Next, besides the mentioned Croatia wedding venues, there are many other breathtaking venues that we have within our portfolio. Contact us today for a full list of venues available.

– Make sure to have a backup plan secured. Besides the fact that May to September is usually sunny and warm, the weather is the only thing that cannot be controlled on your wedding day. Have a backup secured and avoid stress.

– Have a meeting with the property’s sales or operational manager. A venue’s manager is usually in charge of communicating all the details to the staff and oversees everything so establishing a strong contact is highly recommended.

– If you do not have time to do a site inspection, ask your planner to do a live tour of the venue. This way, you’ll be able to feel the venue’s atmosphere.

– Ask for the time it takes you from your ceremony venue to your reception venue. No surprises allowed!

– Take your planner’s advice but also, but do not forget to trust your gut as well.


tusculum salona

Happy planning! Your picture-perfect Croatia wedding venue is waiting for you. Let’s start designing your dream wedding.

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