Your Croatia honeymoon

The 5 most romantic locations in Croatia

You tied the knot, and now it is time to unwind and relax. Many couples who decide to get married in Croatia, often choose to have their honeymoon vacation in Croatia as well. From romantic islands to ancient cities, Croatia has it all for your dream-come-true honeymoon vacation. Its rich history, culture, long tradition, fine wines, and delicious cuisine, make it an ideal location to fully relax after all the stress that is often associated with planning a wedding. However, where to go? What destinations to visit? We invite you to read on and find out more about the best Croatia honeymoon destinations that we recommend.

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When to visit?

Chic Croatia wedding planner recommends the period from May to October so you get to enjoy the sunshine and warm weather. July and August are high-season periods, so expect crowds. Temperatures often exceed 35 C so it can get quite hot. Recommended months to visit are May/June and September/first part of October.   


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Where to go for your Croatia honeymoon?

There are many beautiful and romantic honeymoon destinations in Croatia, each unique and beautiful. However, here at Chic Croatia, we have a special love for authentic and intimate destinations. We have singled out a few of our favorite cities that are known for their splendor, beauty, and chic style. Read on to find out more about the destinations we have selected for your ultimate Croatia honeymoon.


Vis, Vis island

When you picture romance in Croatia, the island of Vis comes to mind as one of the most breathtaking locations on the coast. It is the most remote from the mainland of Croatia, known for the filming of the Hollywood star movie Mamma Mia 2. This picturesque chic Croatian island has often been singled out as one of the most romantic and beautiful islands on the coast. Chic Croatia recommendation: visit the famous Blue Cave, go wine tasting, or explore Vis’s best beaches…


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Island of Mljet, south of Croatia

One of the most beautiful national parks in Croatia and a perfect place to make lasting memories together is located on the island of Mljet, near Dubrovnik. What to expect on the island: pristine beauty of nature and peaceful surroundings. Chic Croatia recommendation: visit two lakes of Mljet and explore the Benedictine monastery on the island.


Motovun, Istria

Motovun is a one-of-a-kind hilltop medieval town located in central Istria above river Mirna. It overlooks mesmerizing surroundings below the city. Motovun is known for its local flavors, delicacies, and wines so make sure to hit the restaurants and bars during your Istria stay. Istria is home to fantastic food and intimate restaurants so plan to explore not only Motovun but the entire region as well.


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Dol, the island of Brac

Considered one of the most romantic places on the island, the village of Dol offers a touch of history and a rustic lifestyle. Situated further inland, the village of Dol is a perfect destination for couples looking to slow down the pace of life. It has only about a hundred inhabitants, so this peaceful oasis is the right choice for you if you are looking to spend some time alone. Also good to check out: taste local specialties at the Kastil Gospodnetic restaurant in Dol.

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Trogir, Dalmatia

This UNESCO heritage site located near the city of Split sits on a small islet. It is also known as the ‘little Venice’ as many people describe it. If you have never visited Croatia, make sure to include Trogir in your itinerary. This recommended Croatia honeymoon destination is known for its history, long heritage, and numerous attraction sites that are worth visiting during your Croatia stay. Chic Croatia recommendation: during your Trogir stay, make sure to explore nearby national parks of the region.



Must-visit destinations in Croatia

Many other Croatia honeymoon destinations are an absolute ‘must visit’ on your Croatia itinerary, such as the city of Dubrovnik, the island of Hvar, the Plitvice lakes national park, the city of Split, Rovinj, and other popular locations. However, please keep in mind that these destinations are usually packed with tourists in the high season, so plan your visit during pre and post-tourist season to escape crowds and hot temperatures.  


Recommended activities to do in Croatia

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✓ Walk the City walls of Dubrovnik

✓ Hit the famous Golden Horn beach on the island of Brac

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✓ Breathe in the beauty of Krka waterfalls

✓ Explore Diocletian’s Palace in Split

✓ Taste local specialties such as black cuttlefish risotto or tasty octopus peka with garlic and olive oil

✓ Go olive-picking on the island of Brac

✓ Take in stunning panoramic views at the Pakleni islands near Hvar

✓ Sail into the history onboard the magnificent Karaka vessel

✓ Go truffle hunting

✓ Visit local farmers’ market and find out about unique foodie experience

✓ Go vineyard hopping and wine tasting 

✓ Shipwreck snorkeling on the island of Solta

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Beyond popular tourist attractions, many off-the-beaten- track destinations are waiting to be discovered. Famed for its beautiful coastline, delicious cuisine, wines, and numerous activities to choose from, Croatia is the perfect location for a romantic honeymoon getaway. Chic Croatia wedding planner can assist you and offer valuable information regarding your Croatia destination visit.  We invite you to get in touch to learn more about different honeymoon options in Croatia. 


Photos by Tourist board of Croatia I Motovun I Trogir I Vis