Plan your Croatia destination wedding in 6 months or less

Short notice wedding planning

Can you plan your Croatia destination wedding in six months or less? Yes, most definitely you can. With the help of the Chic Croatia wedding planner, you can create your ultimate dream come true wedding in six months or less.

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A destination wedding on short notice can be stressful so we suggest to start planning as soon as possible. We invite you to follow the steps below to find out how to plan your destination wedding in only a few months. Here are Chic Croatia’s 7 tips for planning an unforgettable wedding at short notice.


Planning a destination wedding is not an easy task, especially at short notice. We advise you to book a local wedding planner and put your wedding into the hands of a professional who can keep the planning process stress-free. Booking a wedding planner should be your initial step in the wedding planning process. We invite you to browse through our Chic Journal and find out everything you need to know about Croatia destination weddings, special events, and celebrations in Croatia.


Research the wedding locations and venues in Croatia and act fast. Check availability. Sign the contract and pay a deposit. Sounds easy, but this is one of the most crucial points in wedding planning. Make sure to ask as many questions as possible and get the answers. Hiring a professional wedding specialist will help you throughout this challenging process and ease the task of planning it all in less than six months.

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Once you have your venue confirmed and the date set, design your invitations and send them out as soon as possible. Virtual wedding invitations are emailed and this is recommended for weddings at short notice. This way you will make sure everyone gets their official invite on time, so you will sooner receive RSVPs.


Ask for vendor recommendations and consider all offers. However, as you will not have plenty of time to think it through and will have to make quick decisions, you will have to follow your instincts. Stick to your gut and do what you want to do when it comes to wedding planning.


As you will be planning your wedding at short notice, focus only on those things that are important to the two of you. Think what is most crucial to the two of you, think it through and carefully plan that part. Everything else can wait! Prioritize before you start confirming services to your planner.


If your desired wedding venue is not available on a weekend, why not consider a mid-week wedding? You might be offered slightly better prices and conditions and still get a wedding date at your venue of choice. In addition to this, accommodation options may drop during the week so this is also a plus for your wedding guests who usually cover for accommodation. Also, when planning a Croatia destination wedding in six months or less, there is a great chance your preferred vendor will not be available on a weekend, however, you might be lucky with a mid-week date.


Need help with planning your last moment wedding? Be direct and communicate your needs and expectations. Don’t wait for your guests, maid of honor, or best man, to offer help and assistance. We encourage you to express your wishes and needs for a specific task you need help with. Besides your local wedding planner, your closest family and friends can always provide help and support.

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Our goal is to give our clients a unique wedding planning experience and to make the process as easy as possible. Destination weddings require lots of planning and travel, but with the right assistance, planning a destination wedding can also be fun and exciting. Chic Croatia destination wedding planner will support you with full planning, design, and coordination for your Croatia wedding, as well as with any other destination-related assistance you might need.

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